3 Ways To Grow Your Channel Through Other Creators

Though YouTube often feels like a solo gig, you don’t have to go it completely alone. By relying on your friends and fellow creators, you can keep your channel growing. The power of collaboration reaches beyond filming a video together.

Here are three ways to grow your channel through other creators.

1. Collaborate with creators from different niches.

Most collaborations happen between vloggers who create similar kinds of content. For example, one beauty vlogger might swap makeup routines with another beauty vlogger. Working with similar creators can grow your audience within the same niche, but collaborating with creators from different niches will help you reach a whole new audience.

Connect with YouTubers who create a different kind of videos but whose audiences share interests with yours. For example, Rosanna Pansino is well-known for her geeky baking show Nerdy Nummies. So, collaborating with gamer Markiplier helped Rosanna reach viewers who already loved the video games that inspire a lot of her confectionary creations.

2. Interact with other vloggers on social media.

When you reply to other vloggers’ tweets or comment on their Instagram posts, their followers will see your username. This goes for both vloggers you know in real life and those you look up to. Interact with other YouTubers on social media as much as you can. Prioritize replying to tweets about their new video uploads!

Vlogger Olivia Cara replied to Tana Mongeau’s tweet related to editing videos. Because Olivia has a high follower count, her reply showed up near the top when Tana’s followers clicked on the original tweet.

3. Vlog when you hang out with your YouTuber friends.

The next time you hang out with people who have channels of their own, be sure to bring your vlog camera along! Invite your viewers along by filming some of the time your spend with your YouTuber friends. Then, you can feature your friends in your video thumbnail and ask them to share the vlog with their audiences as well.

Rachel Ballinger enjoys letting her fans into her daily life by vlogging. Whenever she hangs out with her sister and fellow YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, Rachel often brings her vlog camera along.

You can grow your channel by reaching out to other creators’ audiences through collaboration. Follow these tips to grow your channel through your friendships with other YouTubers.

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