How To Plan A Virtual Fan Event

Virtual fans events are an amazing opportunity to connect with your viewers from all across the globe in real time. Not only are they more accessible for attendees, but they’re also more affordable for the creators putting them on.

Here’s how to plan a virtual fan event.

Decide on a time, date, and budget.

The most important part of planning your event is choosing a time and date that works for as many of your fans as possible. To get a better idea of what works best for them, create a poll with different scheduling possibilities on Twitter or your community tab. If there’s enough interest, then you might consider planning multiple events.

Setting a budget should be one of your first priorities, too. Are you going to broadcast from home or from a unique venue? Do you need any new equipment, such as a better mic? Will you need to hire someone else to help you set up and run the event? All of these considerations will determine your budget, which will also help you determine ticket prices.

Choose a video conferencing or live streaming platform that allows for the level of audience interaction you want.

The level of audience interaction you want during your event will be the deciding factor in which online platform you choose for your event. For example, if you want to give access to as many viewers as possible, then YouTube Live is a good bet. If you want to be able to bring viewers in to chat with you at random, then Instagram Live would be better.

However, if you want to offer an event with limited access, then you should choose a video conferencing software such as Zoom. You can use an online ticketing program such as Eventbrite to control registration, even if you plan to keep the event free. The smaller your live audience is, the more personal your interactions will feel.

Create marketing materials to promote your event.

Finally, once your event is scheduled and the registration is live, you’ll need to start promoting your event. To attract as many attendees as possible, don’t limit your promotion to YouTube. You can create a Facebook event or set a countdown on your Instagram story.

You might also create marketing materials to really catch your viewers’ eyes. Use a free design platform such as Canva to create flyers and promotional graphics for every social media platform you’re active on. Then, start blasting your marketing materials to generate hype for your event. Encourage your followers to share them as well.

Virtual events can bring together your fans from all around the world. Mix online events in with your in-person appearances so you can connect with more of your viewers face-to-face.

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