How To Increase Your Audience Engagement Through Community Posts

A high level of audience engagement is a sign that your channel is supported by a strong community. It’s more than just video likes and comments, though. Audience engagement is a two-way street, and you can get the ball rolling by making community posts.

Here are a few ways to increase your audience engagement through community posts.

Tease a hint about your upcoming video.

Speculation is a great conversation starter, and it can also build up the hype for your new video. Post a teaser, such as a behind-the-scenes picture, a thumbnail without text, or a random screenshot without context. If you don’t want to post an image, you could give your subscribers a hint through random words, a secret code, or a series of emojis.

Then, ask your viewers to guess what your next upload is going to be about. Encourage them to keep the theories coming by liking their comments and replying to ones who get close. You could even give the first person to guess correctly a special shout-out in the video!

Create a poll to survey your fans’ opinions before making important channel decisions.

Polls are a super fun way to connect with your audience. They’re also a great tool for learning more about them. Therefore, before you make any important channel decisions, such as what kind of merch you should make or which series you should continue, consider creating a poll.

Offer your viewers a variety of options to choose from. If your poll is a yes or no question, then you should include a third neutral option as well. You can also ask them to elaborate on the answers they chose in the comments.

Shout-out an especially active subscriber by mentioning them.

Shoutouts are the perfect way to give your most dedicated fans the recognition they deserve. Lots of creators give shoutouts in videos by saying their fans’ names on camera, putting them in the descriptions, or listing them in the end screens. However, you can shout-out more fans more often with community posts.

You can easily create a shoutout by mentioning a fan in your community post. To tag them, type the @ symbol followed by their username. This will highlight their name in the post where all of your other subscribers can see it. You can even tag multiple subscribers in the same community post.

Community posts can increase your audience engagement by sparking a conversation. Utilize them to connect with your fans and keep them in the loop.

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