How To Use Clickbait Responsibly

In 2018, clickbait is a common practice on YouTube. It’s a quick and easy way to catch viewers’ attention and get more people to watch your videos. However, if a vlogger uses clickbait too much, then his or her viewers can grow frustrated or disappointed and may stop watching altogether. That’s why you have to be careful and intentional when it comes to using clickbait in your video titles and thumbnails.

Here’s how to use clickbait responsibly.

1. Make sure your video stays true to its title.

You don’t have to have the most outrageous title on YouTube to catch your viewers’ attention. Something that points to the most interesting point of the video or asks a question is often enough to pique their interest without being deceitful.

For example, Rosanna Pansino titled this Q-and-A video with her sister “ONE OF US IS PREGNANT!!”. Though some viewers may have clicked thinking Rosanna was pregnant, she makes it clear that her sister is the one who’s expecting.

2. Focus on your thumbnail image.

Rather than writing a potentially misleading title, use your thumbnail to clickbait viewers by concealing part of the image or hinting at a shocking detail. Check out this post for more irresistible thumbnail ideas.

In this video, makeup artist James Charles had Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams do his makeup. James made the thumbnail more interesting by concealing his finished look with an emoji.

3. Highlight the emotions of your video.

Instead of a dramatic title, many vloggers write out the main emotions of a video at the end of the title, such as “scary” or “sad.” This trick makes viewers want to find out what the vlogger experienced that was so scary or sad.

Gabbie Hanna tagged her body transformation video as “emotional,” which keyed viewers into the fact that it was about more than just her workout routine.

When used carefully, clickbait can entice more viewers to watch your videos. Follow these tips to ensure that you’re using clickbait responsibly.

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