How to Make Your Practice Time Really Count

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. As a musician, you want to perfect your playing as much as possible. However, you can make your practice time even better by following these tips.

1. Set aside a designated practice time.

When you designate a specific practice time, then practicing your instrument will become a part of your daily routine. Daily practice is the best way to build up your skills.

Check out this video on how to fit daily music practice into a busy schedule.

2. Split each piece into smaller chunks.

When you’re learning a new song, split it into smaller chunks. Then, you can learn the entire piece little by little. Don’t move on until you’ve perfected each section. Learning a new song in pieces will be easier than trying to master it all at once.

This video will teach you more about learning new songs quickly.

3. Record your practice and listen for mistakes.

Athletes often watch tapes of their games so that they can see where they messed up. Listening to a recording of your practice will work the same way. You may hear something that you didn’t notice while you were playing. Catching your mistakes as you practice will be better than making them live on stage.

Watch this video to learn how to record your own music easily.

Practice makes perfect. Follow these tips to make your practice time really count.

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