How to Beat Songwriter’s Block

Even Taylor Swift gets stumped sometimes. However, writer’s block doesn’t have to hold you back from creating the next Billboard chart topper. Here are four easy ways to beat songwriter’s block every time.

1. Read a book.

All of the best songs tell a story. When you can’t find something in your own life to write about, then why not take a page out of someone else’s book? Next time you’re stumped for a story to sing about, try turning to a novel and seeing how you can rewrite it into lyrics.

Taylor Swift wrote “Safe and Sound” after reading The Hunger Games.

2. Write a sequel.

If you already have a song that tells a story, then you should write a second song that keeps it going. Like an author writes a sequel to his or her best-selling book, you can write a sequel to your most popular song.

Eminem followed up “Stan” with the sequel “Bad Guy” in 2013.

3. Daydream.

Who said songs have to be about real life? Take a trip to La La Land and write about the life you wish you were living.

Demi Lovato’s “In Real Life” compares a bad relationship with the kind she dreams about having.

4. Speak out.

Use your music to give a voice to an issue that you care about. You can write your next song about cyberbullying, equality, or anything else that matter to you.

Lady Gaga wrote “Born This Way” to shed light on the LGBTQ+ community.

Spngwriter’s block doesn’t have to stand in your way. Next time you’re stuck, try one of these ways to beat writer’s block.

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