JennaMarbles’ Keys to YouTube Success

JennaMarbles has two dogs, sixteen million subscribers on YouTube, and a video with more than 65 million views. JennaMarbles is not like other YouTubers; she is vulgar, explicit, and unapologetic. Her uncensored approach to entertainment might not be for everyone, but up and coming YouTubers can still learn a lot from her.

Here are a few tips to be as successful as JennaMarbles.

1. Be consistent.

Jenna consistently posts videos once a week; she even ends every video with, “make sure you subscribe to our channel! We upload videos every Wednesday!” No one wants to subscribe to a YouTube channel that never posts anything. Jenna’s reliability and consistency truly draws viewers and subscribers in.

2. Laugh at yourself.

Jenna is never afraid to look uncool and she never takes herself too seriously. She is always willing to laugh about what she isn’t good at, like making clothes or impersonating celebrities in less than attractive ways. Take a leaf out of Jenna’s book and don’t forget to have fun and to laugh at yourself.

3. Listen to your fans and followers.

Many of Jenna’s videos, especially her “rants,” begin with her saying “a lot of you guys requested this.” Jenna always makes sure to listen to her fans and followers and provide them with the content they request. She also makes videos answering fan and follower questions on a fairly regular basis. Never forget your fans and followers; embrace your success, but don’t forget the people who helped you obtain it.

Jenna Marbles is a perfect example of how consistency, a sense of humor, and attentiveness to one’s supporters can help one succeed in the YouTube community.

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