How to Make Your Pop Culture Reviews a YouTube Sensation

One of the video genres available on YouTube is the review of pop culture, such as movies, TV shows, and whatever recently came out that has become popular. These kinds of videos can become popular, but they require both knowledge and skill to properly promote.

These review videos take time to fully complete, given the amount of work needed to finish them. There are several problems to consider when choosing to make this kind of video.

1. Research is key.

One of the most obviously crucial aspects of a review video is the knowledge of the pop culture product being reviewed. If a critic has no idea of the movie he or she is reviewing, it drives away the audience who see the host as incompetent and therefore not worth watching.

Watching whatever you’re reviewing at least twice, if not more, is a good start.

This host in the following video reviews a recent superhero movie and shows knowledge of plot points and actor performances, among other aspects of the movie.

2. Personality makes the video shine.

It’s not just knowledge that’s needed for a review video. Some of the more prominent reviewers on the Internet are recognizable by how they act in their videos.

He or she may be shrieking with loads of energy or may be angry and serious, but his or her Internet personality is what makes the videos interesting.

This video is one of the most prominent reviewers, the Nostalgia Critic, showing the dramatic, angry persona that makes him famous.

3. Keeping up with trends is a must.

Naturally, with pop culture, being able to know what’s come out recently is necessary. People are interested in what’s new. Being able to analyze and review these pop culture products keeps your content relevant to the public eye.

That isn’t to say that reviewing old movies, shows, songs, or other products won’t attract people to your videos, but it is more likely that people will be interested in newly made products, especially the kind that has attracted the attention of the news.

This video is a review of a recently released movie, Ouija: Origin of Evil, which was released on October 21, 2016.

To become an online reviewer, you have to keep in mind that it is a difficult niche. Creating videos for reviewing pop culture is tough because you have to do it well and stand out among other reviewers.

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