How to Manage Your Video Comments

When releasing a new video, one has to expect some kind of reaction by the audience. YouTube is known for its comment chains, many of which have different reactions from different people.

You can choose to block all comments from YouTube, which is effective to an extent. Because of that, if you decide to create a video anytime soon, it helps to remember that the comments by other viewers must be dealt with depending on what kind it is.

1. Comments give constructive criticism.

For many videos, the viewers who have seen the video think it can be improved, so they can provide advice through the comments. They may be drowned out by the harsher criticism, but their intentions are good. Sometimes, they do provide helpful hints.

The problem is finding this kind of people because there are so many comments out there that it can be hard to sift through and find the valuable comments.

This video about making videos has many compliments regarding praise as well as people asking the narrator to speak up (in the comments section).

2. Comments can be insulting.

The unfortunate truth seems to be that you are more likely to viewers who like to yell or complain about anything, even you. The comments section allows them to freely say whatever they want, though there may be limitations on what to say, though said limitations tend to be narrow.

A viewer might make a random insult about anything, even if he or she doesn’t have much of a reason to be there to insult your video.

This video about a historical mass murderer has plenty of people disagreeing with the creator about the video.

3. In the end, YouTuber comments are just neutral.

Given statistics, there are always going to be good and bad comments to deal with when posting and promoting your videos. Whether or not the criticism is justified, or whether it’s targeted at a friend, the comments section remains one of the most important aspects of the video, as viewers not only watch the video but talk to others about what they saw.

Blocking comments can prevent unfortunate comments, but that may not be a permanent solution, at least compared to simply letting people post what they want and letting other viewers fight each other over it.

This video is an illustration of that point, both the video itself (symbolically) and the comments section.

The comments section has always been one of those most noticeable parts of the YouTube website. When creating and promoting videos, one has to know what the comments section can be like and create solutions based on what they know. Don’t underestimate what a stray comment can do to a person.

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