How to Make Your Own Viral Cute Animal Video

If you’re looking to have your videos become hits with thousands of views, adorable animals could be your key to success. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal it is, as long as the audience finds the animal to be endearing.

There are very easy ways to make these videos. Here’s how to make your own viral cute animal video.

1. Keep it extremely short in length.

One of the advantages of producing these kinds of videos is that even the videos that are only a few seconds long, they can be very popular among YouTube viewers. The creator can exert only the minimum effort needed and still produce a hit.

The following video is barely half a minute long and only involves a kitten playing around with its owner, but it has hundreds of thousands of views.

2. Don’t spend a lot of money.

Something else to keep in mind when deciding to produce these animal videos is that you don’t need so many resources to make them. At the minimum, you only need a camera and no other crew member except yourself. There would be no need to look for an animal beyond choosing your own pet.

This video is a compilation of dogs looking guilty while their owner films them, and it has reached more than four million views.

3. More videos are better than one.

It should be noted that, despite the ease of producing animal videos, what really brings in the viewers is a compilation of cute animal videos. People love to have several minutes of footage to watch and enjoy, especially if the animals are hilarious. You can choose to make several videos at a small cost and collect them into one video, or you can find several videos made by others and do the same.

This video is an example of the latter, and it’s only three minutes long but still has millions of views.

There is nothing so universally appealing as seeing cuddly animals frolicking around. These kinds of videos are simple in content and even simpler to make. It’s a good idea to specialize in this genre if your goal is to rake in views by the thousands.

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