How to Find the Video Gimmick That Will Hook Viewers

When someone chooses to go on YouTube and wants to post a video or create a web series, one of the crucial aspects of doing so is to have a gimmick or theme that the creator is defined by. It can be a character, a topic, or a trend, but it must be something that makes the creator easily recognizable. When people choose to watch their videos, they should do so because that person caters to their interests.

Here’s how to find the gimmick that will hook your viewers and draw them to your channel.

1. Take advantage of current trends.

One possible type of gimmick or theme could be basing your videos on whatever happens to be popular at the time. By monitoring the Internet and social media, you can find a subject of interest that people are talking about and create your videos using that foundation.

For example, a popular web series called Marble Hornets was created based on the horror character of Slender Man, who started to gain popularity at the time the channel was created.

2. Create an interesting personality.

The gimmick that some YouTubers rely on is not just the topic of the videos, but the personalities of the creators themselves. This web persona is often fictional, and it may or may not be how they act in real life. However, the YouTuber’s personality should be designed so that it is attractive and memorable.

One channel, Poppy, is based on the fictional teenage pop star character of Poppy, who is bizarre, yet she’s seen as cute by her viewers.

3. Notable events can be click bait.

Some videos are made quickly so that they can take advantage of interesting events that happen at the time. People who look for information on said notable event will naturally be attracted to said videos, which results in a high number of views.

Quite a few videos made at this time are based on the 2016 U.S. election, which is one of the most discussed events because of how it can affect the country.

Every video on YouTube needs some kind of theme or gimmick to attract viewers. If you intend to create multiple videos, then you need to rely on this gimmick so that you can create a loyal fanbase that is attracted to what you have to offer. It’s like a company selling a product in that what they sell becomes the most obvious attractive point that people recognize.

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