How YouTube Competes With Other Media Platforms

With the rise of streaming services everywhere, Internet users have plenty distractions for entertainment. With Hulu, they can keep up with their favorite primetime shows and watch Criterion films. Twitch presents a live streaming platform where viewers can interact with vloggers in real time. Netflix has over 33,000,000 users and develops original shows like Narcos and Stranger Things.

Despite the competition, YouTube still reigns. Netflix’s 33,000,000 users are no match for the 1,000,000,000 viewers that are estimated to visit YouTube per month.

How does YouTube stay ahead of the competition?

1. Time efficiency

Viewers are busy. They are people with lives, and their time should be valued. YouTube presents an efficient way for viewers to get information that is either entertaining or important in a short period of time.

If a viewer doesn’t have time to watch a full game or episode, then he or she can always watch the highlights on YouTube. Sometimes people don’t have an hour to watch a show, but they do have time to enjoy a video for a few laughs before going to work.

2. Variety

YouTube is such an inclusive platform because there are pockets for any viewer to connect with different subcultures. A musician can gain inspiration by watching concert clips from legendary bands, activists can promote their causes by creating videos, and sports fans can stay up to date on the results of their teams.

3. Helpful videos

As unique as many of the shows on HBO, Netflix, and Hulu are, they don’t teach viewers how to tie a tie, fix a car, or raise a child. Viewers interact with vloggers so they can improve on helping people.

Whether it is seeking motivation or learning a basic everyday task, YouTube can be used as a search engine in ways that video streaming services can’t.

Whether a viewer is seeking political allegiance, looking how to put a baby to sleep, or just hoping for a laugh, it all can be found on YouTube. Despite how enjoyable other media platforms are, YouTube stands above them and gives users more freedom to create on their own terms. YouTube turns viewers into a community of creators.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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