How To Make Shareable Content

“Shareable” describes the kind of videos viewers want to repost on their own social media pages. The more shares your videos get, the more people will see them.

However, in order for a video to be shareable, it needs to be both useful and easily accessible. If your video doesn’t benefit the viewer in some way, then he or she will not be as likely to share it.

Keep it short.

Even if your viewers are willing to watch a forty-minute mukbang, their friends or followers may not want to. The shorter a video is, the more shareable it is.

However, the length of the video should also be reasonable for the kind of video it is. For example, consider the popularity of Saturday Night Live sketches. If the videos were shorter, their humor might not be as effective. However, if they were longer, the jokes would become too drawn out.

While three to five minutes works well for a comedy sketch, an educational video, for example, may require ten to fifteen. Keep your videos within a manageable length.

Make it useful or insightful.

As previously mentioned, the most shareable videos are beneficial to the viewer in some way. Strive to create videos that are either useful, such as DIY videos, or insightful, such as political discussions.

If you can offer insight into a political issue from a unique perspective, plan out a short but effective video to share your point of view. Alternatively, if you’ve found a really clever way to braid your hair, share your favorite tips in a video.

There is no single definition of what makes a video useful or insightful. Try to provide your viewers with unique solutions or explanations to common issues.

A video can be both entertaining and insightful, like the one below. Gabbie Hanna turned a self-deprecating comedy challenge into a discussion about her struggles with self-image.

Include captions and subtitles.

Finally, to make any video more shareable, include captions and subtitles. You can find out how to add captions to your videos in this post or in the video below.

If you don’t speak the language you want your videos subtitled in, don’t worry. You can encourage your international viewers to upload subtitles in their native languages.

Create more shareable content by keeping it short and making it more accessible. In your call-to-action, remind your viewers to share your new video!

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