How To Make A Series For Your Channel

Whether you want to start uploading weekly vlogs, monthly updates, or seasonal lookbooks, make sure you do the following to ensure success for the new series you’re starting on your channel.

1. Pitch the idea to your subscribers.

You don’t want to start uploading videos for a new series without asking your subscribers for their input. For example, if viewers don’t seem that interested, maybe you should reconsider spending that much time and effort putting out content that won’t gain much attention. Especially if you have a pretty large following, you should make a brief video or tweet about your idea to see what your subscribers think. This will also again help you stay connected with your subscribers and show them your dedication to your channel.

In the following video, Einshine introduces his new series “Einshine Moans” on his channel. Before coming out with the series, he made a poll on Twitter asking fans for name recommendations.

2. Upload episodes on a consistent schedule.

A good rule of thumb not only for a series but for videos in general is to upload consistently, be it weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. Decide on a schedule to upload your new series and stick to it; this will help you work more efficiently, as well keep your channel content organized. The great thing about creating a new series is it allows your viewers to see a different side of you because this content will be different from your regular content. So, upload consistently, because this will help your subscribers stay aware and excited.

Jenn Im (clothesencounters) has plenty of cool series on her channel. An important thing she does to stay organized is to upload episodes of certain series on a consistent schedule. A new series she started, Jenntember, airs regularly throughout the month of September.

3. Monitor the stats.

Starting a series for your channel will require a lot of extra time and effort. Throughout the episodes, regularly monitor the views, comments, and likes/dislikes for these videos to see if you should carry on with the series. If subscribers seem to like this new style of video, keep it going; if they don’t seem to tune in much, consider ending the series. This helps you upload content your viewers enjoy, and it keeps your viewership high as well.

Although the following is not necessarily an end to a specific series, but rather an “era,” it’s still a good example of how you should announce an end to your series should it finish.

Oftentimes, you’ll find that you want to create new content to upload onto your channel in addition to your regular content. A great way to do this is by creating a series. There’s not much to it; so long as you take the above into consideration, any series on your channel will be sure to do well.

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