How PAINT Gained a Million Subscribers Overnight

PAINT, or Jon Cozart, was pretty much an unknown on YouTube before one video shot him to fame. How exactly did he gain one million subscribers overnight and continue to appeal to so many viewers?

1. His satiric Disney mashup got viewers laughing.

The one video that helped Jon Cozart attract millions of people on the Internet was his first satiric Disney mashup. It featured the main themes of four Disney princesses -Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, and Pocahontas -and poked fun at what happened “after ever after.”

The best part about this mashup is the unique lyrics: Jon wrote his own satiric lyrics including current events (e.g. the BP oil spill in Ariel’s section). This is so different and unique to his own imagination, so there’s not much on YouTube that’s very similar to this mashup. Many people found both the lyrics and the light acting hilarious, and it’s hard not to keep watching it over and over again.

2. He was featured on FineBros.

Like with many small content creators, being featured on a more well-known channel really helps promote your content. Although PAINT’s video is hilarious and would entertain many people, it’s not easy to spread word of the song that quickly and successfully. Publishing the link on social media reaches a limited amount of people.

The FineBros have plenty of subscribers, though, so the content they feature on their channel is sure to reach millions of people quickly and easily. It wasn’t until the FineBros had teens react to Jon Cozart’s “After Ever After” that his channel experienced a surge of a million subscribers overnight.

3. He continues to upload similar content.

PAINT is not a one-hit wonder, though. He saw how many people liked his Disney satire (more than sixty-three million views and over one million likes), so he made the smart decision to continue to upload similar content.

Before long, he uploaded a second “After Ever After” featuring Mulan, Cinderella, Tiana, and Elsa, which also garnered much attention. His subscriber count continued (and continues) to soar, and he continues to upload similar satirical mashups.

Jon Cozart probably didn’t think his channel would blow up the way it did. All it took was one video featured on FineBros Entertainment. From there, with every subsequently similar upload, his subscriber count continued to soar.

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