How to Make a Popular Makeup Tutorial

Makeup tutorials are one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Here are three tips for getting your makeup channel noticed.

1. Be aware of the trends.

Makeup has its trends just like hair and clothing do. Look out for seasonal changes. People tend to wear bright makeup in the summer and warm colors during the fall. Try to be ahead of the curve and post your videos right when before the season changes.

This video, which was posted two weeks ago, was published prior to fall season and accentuates deep fall colors.

2. Try out new products.

Everyone wants the perfect highlight, contour, or eyebrow. Your channel should feature the newest, most exciting makeup products. So buy and try them when they first release!

When Anastasia dropped the new dipbrow pomade, people were flocking to it. This tutorial shows how to properly use the new product.

3. Practice different looks.

Keep the channel interesting! Makeup is a type of costume, and no one wants to look the same every day. Experiment with costume makeup, daytime, or dramatic. This will attract different demographics and keep your subscribers interested.

This video of Kandee Johnson gives a tutorial on Effie Trinket costume makeup.

4. Keep it as simple as possible.

If someone is looking for a tutorial, chances are that person isn’t an expert. Try to keep your videos simple and easy to recreate. If your subscribers can easily follow your directions they’ll keep coming back for more lessons.

In this video, Carly shows how to achieve a flawless daytime makeup look.

There is so much competition between the makeup gurus on YouTube. In order to stand out, you have to adapt to the seasonal changes. Be sure to sign up for newsletters from your favorite shops so you’ll know first when new products arrive. Keep your channel interesting and go outside of your comfort zone. Viewers will always be willing to try something as long as it isn’t too difficult!

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