How to Improve Your Musical Talent on a Tight Budget

The world of the starving artist working hard to make it is filled with ramen-noodle nights, paying rent, studio time, instruments, equipment, etc. In the hopes of always improving, you may want to take classes to help keep you sharp or learn something new.

Always been good at singing but don’t really know how to read music? Want to learn how to riff like the pros? Want to learn how to play an instrument to give your music more of a personal touch?

Here are some tips to help you do this all for free with a little help from the world of the Internet.

1. Free Singing Lessons

Need a refresher course on hitting some of those difficult notes or training yourself to breath better? Both of these things can improve both live and studio singing, and if you have not had singing lessons, they are important to learn.

New York Vocal coaching is just one of the many channels on YouTube that give lessons that help you understand some vocal lingo and apply it your singing.

2. Free Music Reading Lessons

Blessed with the gift of a great voice and being able to cover music by just hearing it is a great talent, but as your career moves toward a more professional direction, it is important to know how to read music.

If you play an instrument, this will be an easy transition. If you do not; however, here is a resource to help you learn. is a great site that gives you the step-by-step control in learning sight reading along with musical help with starting notes to playing out the bars to give you examples.

Below is just one of the many YouTube channels that have information and/or lessons about sight singing.

3. Free Instrument Lessons

Want to learn how to play the piano or the guitar to make live shows more exciting? Or perhaps you want to be more involved in the writing of your actual tracks.

Either way, instruments are expensive and the lessons can rack up the dollars quick. No worries; there are many places, especially on YouTube, dedicated to helping you out.

Hoffman Academy is a great channel that can take you through the basics of learning the piano and reading music.

HDPiano is a channel that can help you learn to play popular songs and singles that are out. This can help with learning by making it a little more fun and relatable than some of the more classic pieces.

More interested in guitar? There are channels for that too that make it simple to start playing even if you have no experience. Check it out!

Now you see that improving your musical talent does not have to come with a bill at all. Of course, you can move on to paid private lessons when you have a little more wiggle room with your cash, but in the meantime, you can make progress on your own with some free resources.

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