How to Make a Live Show More Entertaining

Live performances bring in a lot of revenue and attention for new artists. Anyone who creates music will have to perform in order to gain success, so it’s important to have a memorable show. Here are five steps to help make your live performance the best show the audience has ever seen.

1. Do a sound check.

A bad sound system can ruin a concert goer’s experience, even if he or she loves the music. Visit the venue beforehand to make sure the system works properly. You should be heard loud and clear.

In this video, Nick Jonas is doing a soundcheck and adjusting things until they’re perfect.

2. Try to find some dancers.

Performing live is a show. You want to entertain the audience. Dancers give them something else to look at and enjoy. Choreograph your performances to bring more excitement to the songs.

Beyonce is known for her amazing choreography. The dancing in this video matches the music and is exciting for the audience to watch.

3. Consider a live band.

It may seem fancy, but a live band will really impress viewers. Live bands have a high-quality feel and add good energy. Other artist want to get exposure as well, so check online ads about musicians offering free services.

Here is a video of Justin Bieber performing “Get Used To It” with his live band.

4. Keep the energy up!

A show is supposed to be an enjoyable time. The audience wants to you to entertain them on stage, so dance, jump around, or do cartwheels! If it feels foolish, then chances are, they’re enjoying it. The crowd is there to cheer you on, so give them something to clap for (besides the music)!

Adele, who makes somber music, keeps spirits high at her concerts by making jokes and interacting with the audience.

5. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Be well-rehearsed and make sure to know your cues and set list. Performing in front of a room full of people is stressful enough, so don’t add anymore confusion.

Here is a video of Rihanna rehearsing the choreography for her hit song “Where Have You Been.”

Becoming a successful music artist will require good music and amazing performance skills. Live shows are stressful but a good opportunity to impress new and old supporters. Be sure to make your live show fun for the audience.

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