How to Properly Share the Stage: A Guide to Stage Manners

Musicians usually have an idea of how they want their performances to unravel. It can be difficult to arrive at this point when several acts share the stage. The right stage manners will allow musicians to form great relationships and put on an awesome show.

To ensure a smooth-sailing show, musicians should follow these tips when sharing the stage.

1. Start and stop on time.

Allow bands that go onstage before or after you to have all of the time they are allotted. Avoid shortening another band’s performance. Also, never be late for your slot. Each band has spent time, money and energy in order to perform, qualifying every musician to showcase the set they’ve prepared.

2. Support other acts.

Bands should be team players by staying and watching all acts. From one musician to another, it’s important to show support. Plus, performances are more enjoyable with a packed house!


3. Learn to clear equipment in a timely manner.

Each band deserves the time to make the stage their own, including their own equipment and their preferred instrument arrangement. Last second shuffling will create unnecessary conflict for the performance. Show that you have stage manners by giving the next band time a clear space to set up.

4. Be friendly.

Performers should be friendly to one another. Greet each other, ensure an understanding of the shows logistics, and thank each other at the end of the night. This will allow for a pleasant environment and opens the possibility for networking.

Proper stage sharing etiquette will help create an enjoyable show. Musicians should follow these stage manner tips accordingly.

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