How To Know YouTube Is The Right Platform For You

In this day and age, there exists an abundance of social media platforms for content creators. The main ones around are Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Most creators have all three, which can be a hassle to handle at the same time. Some can get their attention from solely one platform. It’s also very common, for example, for Instagrammers to begin a YouTube channel as their following grows. What’s the pull to this video platform and is it the right place for you to market your content?

1. Personal Preference

YouTube can be a grueling job. Many see YouTube as a place to make quick money. It is easy to forget the amount of effort there is when it comes to making videos and keeping an audience that is not only engaged but also growing. It’s also a platform that can take away a good amount of privacy from your life. Becoming a content creator in this space is something that should come with a good amount of forethought. If you’re someone that enjoys sharing yourself and your talents in a personal and open way, then YouTube is the place for you.

2. Market Demographic

Market demographics are important when it comes to not only marketing yourself, but also gathering and growing an audience. It’s been researched that 13-24 years old watch more YouTube than TV. Keeping this age range in mind can help you find if the platform you’re using has the biggest pool of potential audiences. If your content is made for an older age group, there might be a better platform than YouTube for you to use to gather as much attention as possible.

3. Your Content

Let’s say you are a food photographer and are passionate about taking photos of food and sharing them. A few platforms to do so could be Instagram or Flickr. Getting big on YouTube, although possible to create video slideshows of pictures, usually revolves around making videos that combine your personality and your talent together. A good example to incorporate your talent in an engaging and interest way is vlogging. If you begin a vlogging channel showcasing your travels and food explorations, then your content would be more suitable for YouTube and its available audience.

4. Motivation

The general rumor or understanding on YouTube is: if possible post every day and videos that reach the 10 minute mark usually get the most views. Following both of these require a lot of work and diligence. Posting a video everyday requires you to not only film everyday but also edit and post it. While the 10 minute mark requires you to have enough content and information to share to reach that time limit. Of course neither of these statements are written in stone, but it does help!

One of the most important things to remember when it comes joining the YouTube community comes from the YouTube ‘king’ himself, Casey Neistat. “You have to find something an audience is interested in and then share it with them in a way that they are also interested in. The only way to get better at these things is by doing it over and over.” So what are you waiting for? Start creating!

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