3 Benefits of Making Story Time Vlogs for YouTube

Many YouTubers are capitalizing on their crazy and embarrassing stories by documenting them in Story Time vlogs. Captivate fans by drawing them in for those stories that most people would have to see to believe! Check out this list of three of the massive benefits of Story Time!

1. Capture New Fans

Interesting Title + Animated Thumbnail = Views! Capture new fans by opening up and telling some of those stories that most people would rather forget. Many Story Time videos show the title and someone doing something different in the thumbnail like crying or boxing. SimplyNessa15’s video had an interesting title and the thumbnail to match. She got over 6 million views, and partly because she actually took the time to edit bruises on her face in her thumbnail!

2. Gain Lots Of Comments

Gain more fan interaction by breaking down those barriers and opening up! Story Time vlogs make your fans feel a deeper connection, therefore they leave more comments. Some fans with comment their own experiences, and a good YouTuber always comments back if they can! Olivia Cara did the unthinkable by posting her period horror stories, but her fans commented with some embarrassing stories of their own.

3) Captivate the Listener

Use Story Time vlogs to captivate the listener; fans will feel as if they really know you. If fans request a story, then share it (even if you’d rather not). Your story may be able to help someone who went through a similar situation. Singer Melanie Fiona recently shared a fan requested story that she was reluctant about sharing. This video about her childbirth story actually got more than twice as many views as the music video she posted 5 months prior.

Don’t miss out on this trend that may never die out. Gain that deeper connection with fans by painting out a picture of your life. Story Time vlogs help gain new fans, get massive comments, and captivate the listeners. It’s not difficult to see how using Story Time vlogs, results in gaining loyal fans!

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