How To Keep Your Channel’s Momentum Going After A Growth Spurt

It’s exciting when your channel’s subscriber count suddenly spikes. Maybe you gained a boost in subscribers from a viral video or from a collab with a popular creator. Whatever the reason for your channel’s growth spurt, you need to act quickly to capitalize on it.

Here’s how to keep your channel’s momentum going after a growth spurt.

Look to the source of your channel’s sudden growth for inspiration.

The first step in keeping your channel’s growth on the incline is figuring out what sparked this sudden growth in the first place. Did the last video you uploaded go viral, or is the algorithm suddenly serving one of your old videos to a bunch of new viewers? Did you collab with a bigger creator, or did an influencer you admire give you a shout-out on social media?

Once you pinpoint the source of your channel’s growth spurt, you can make a plan to keep replicating that success. For example, if it was a viral video, then you could turn it into a series. If it was a collab, then you could invite the same creator or one of their friends to make another video with you.

Hype up your next upload with a YouTube Premiere.

To increase the number of views on your next upload, you should hype it up with a YouTube Premiere. This feature enables you to schedule an upload so that your viewers can watch it with you in real-time. Each Premiere comes with a watch page where you can chat with your viewers before the video goes live.

Premieres also send your subscribers push notifications when they’re created and when your video goes live. You can add a trailer to tease your curious viewers. You can also go live right from your watch page before your Premiere begins. You can even monetize your Premiere by enabling Super Chat.

Utilize a call-to-action in your videos.

Finally, one of the easiest ways to grow your channel is also the simplest. A call-to-action reminds your viewers to engage with your video before they click out of it. You can put your call-to-action in your intro, in your outro, or in your end screen.

To create a call-to-action, all you have to do is verbally draw your viewers’ attention to your subscribe button. So, for example, you might end your video by saying, “And before you go, don’t forget to subscribe! I upload new videos every Saturday, and you definitely don’t want to miss next week’s video!” You might also remind your viewers to turn on post notifications, challenge them to reach a certain number of likes, or ask them to leave a comment.

A sudden spike in your channel’s growth is a sign that you’re doing something right. Stay focused on growing your audience and creating content they’ll love.

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