Here’s How Emma Chamberlain Became A Huge Name On YouTube

Emma Chamberlain is one of the biggest Gen-Z names on YouTube. Her name is even recognized outside of YouTube, landing her invites to exclusive fashion events and partnerships with major companies like Target. However, before she was YouTube’s “it girl,” she was just a teenager who wanted to share about her daily life with the internet.

Here’s how Emma Chamberlain became a huge name on YouTube.

1. She challenged the platform’s status quo.

Before Emma started uploading videos in 2107, the majority of vloggers held themselves to unattainable standards of perfection. Most influencers were focused on showcasing their perfect lives to their audiences while looking perfect on camera. The most popular creators on YouTube seemed to live the kinds of lives their viewers could only dream about. While it gained them lots of viewers, it made it hard for their audiences to truly connect with their content.

What made Emma stand out from the other creators was that she didn’t try to fit into their mold. Instead, she embraced her true self, flaws and all. Her engaging personality, quirky editing style, and relatable content quickly became the new golden standard on YouTube. Soon, many of her peers began to embrace a more laid back, less-than-perfect approach to content creation.

2. She found a core group of creator friends to collaborate with.

As her channel started taking off, Emma began to make friends with other up-and-coming creators around her age. Around the time she moved to Los Angeles, creator friend groups such as David Dobrik’s “Vlog Squad” were gaining a lot of traction on YouTube. Emma formed the “Sister Squad” with the Dolan Twins and James Charles.

The foursome frequently appeared on each other’s channels and social media. Their audiences fused, helping all of their channels grow. The group broke up following James’s string of scandals, but Emma still collaborates with other creators. However, Emma has continued inviting other guests to her channel, such as popular skincare creator Hyram.

3. She branched out into other industries.

Emma Chamberlain isn’t just a YouTuber. She’s also a fashion icon for teenagers and young adults. She uses her social media presence to share her love of fashion with her followers, and their loyalty transformed her into a trendsetter. As a fashion influencer, she’s been able to launch a clothing brand, attend Fashion Week events, appear on magazine covers, and collaborate with luxury designers.

She’s also known for her love of coffee, which has become a quintessential part of her personal brand. This enabled her to launch a successful coffee brand called Chamberlain Coffee. Her company stands out from other creator-founded brands because it’s not the typical makeup brand or clothing line that influencers usually lean towards.

Emma Chamberlain became a successful YouTuber by showing her audience that she’s comfortable in her own skin. By staying true to herself, she’s made a place for herself not only on the internet but also in her viewers’ hearts.

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