Best Practices For Creating Content That’s Made For Kids

One of YouTube’s main priorities is protecting its users. That’s why there are different, stricter policies in place regarding content that’s aimed at users twelve and under, which the platform labels “Made for Kids” content. These guidelines are designed to foster a community where both creators and their younger viewers can thrive.

Here are a few best practices for creating “Made for Kids” content.

1. Keep your content age-appropriate.

When you self-describe your videos as “Made for Kids,” you should ensure they adhere to the Community Guidelines. This means steering clear of any topics that are violent, harmful, or mature. You can find the full list of Community Guidelines here.

However, keeping your young audience in mind, you should go the extra mile to ensure your content is age-appropriate. This means avoiding any topics, jokes, etc. that are suggestive, hateful, or obscene. Don’t be misleading with your titles and thumbnails. You can find YouTube’s complete child safety policy here.

2. Don’t be overly promotional.

YouTube’s “Made for Kids” label was created as a result of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. The US Federal Trade Commission put COPPA into place to protect children from having their information or data collected without parental permission. You can find the FTC’s official guidelines regarding COPPA and YouTube channel owners here.

Aside from properly labeling your videos as children’s content, another way you can protect both your audience and your channel is to avoid being overly promotional in your videos. For example, if you were to do a sponsored video advertising a new toy, then you shouldn’t make the entire video about why your viewers should ask their parents to buy it. Basically, your videos shouldn’t feel like the video version of the Toys-R-Us catalog.

3. Remember that you’re a role model, so be a good one.

Everything about creating “Made for Kids” content boils down to this: children are watching you. Your young audience is impressionable, and your position means that you have influence over them. Therefore, your chosen career comes with the responsibility of being a good role model for your viewers.

Before you upload a new video, try to watch it from the perspective of a parent. How would you feel about your own children watching the video? What ideas, habits, or new words could kids potentially pick up from the video? Basically, if there’s anything you wouldn’t want your own child imitating, then you should reconsider the video.

When you’re creating content for a younger demographic, it’s important to keep your content age-appropriate, not advertise too much, and be a good role model. By adhering to these best practices, you can help your “Made for Kids” channel blossom.

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