How To Create Relatable Content

Audiences love relatable content. When they can identify with a creator or a channel, they’re much more likely to check out the videos on a regular basis. However, you may be asking yourself how you can create content that people you don’t even know can relate to. It all comes down to knowing your demographic and just being yourself.

Here are a few ways to create relatable content.

1. Theme your videos around brands that appeal to your demographic.

Lots of viewers love hauls, “follow me around” videos, and product reviews. However, if the store you’re shopping at isn’t one they’d shop at themselves, your viewers may decide to skip that video.

It’s important to know what brands appeal to your demographic. For example, if most of your viewers are children, then you could review a few toys for fun. However, if your audience is mostly teenagers, then online shopping hauls would be a better bet.

Joey Graceffa’s audience is largely younger, so videos about luxury brands wouldn’t appeal to them very much. This video about cool gadgets he found at Target was perfect for his demographic.

2. Discuss the difficult parts of your life.

Perhaps the most meaningful way to relate to your viewers is to let them know they’re not alone. Oftentimes, they may turn to the internet to find solidarity when they feel as if their friends and family may not understand what they’re going through. By sharing your own struggles, you can provide a safe place for your viewers and let them know that someone understands.

Even though she’s one of the most popular beauty vloggers on the planet, Zoella doesn’t hide her personal struggles with anxiety. Rather, she uses it to create helpful videos for viewers who may be going through something similar.

3. Share your most interesting stories.

If you’re the same age or older than most of your audience, then they probably look up to you. They think of you as a friend, and friends tell each other stories. By sharing stories from when you were the same age as your viewers, you’ll give them videos that are both relatable and entertaining.

Vlogger Ally Hardesty has a lot of teenage viewers. She shares a lot of stories from high school and her first few years of college.

Relatable content is really big on YouTube. By being open and finding common ground with your audience, you can create videos that your viewers relate to on a personal level.

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