How To Keep Up With Vlogmas

Every December, creators from all across the globe celebrate the festive season with the daily upload challenge known as Vlogmas. They upload a new video every day leading up to Christmas. It provides their audiences with more content to enjoy during their winter vacation and boosts the creators’ revenue in time for the holidays.

However, daily uploads can be a challenge if you don’t do them on the regular. Here are a few tips to help you keep up with Vlogmas.

Batch film your videos.

Make daily uploads easier by dedicating a single day to filming several videos at once. Create a production schedule or an outline to keep yourself on track. Between takes, take the files from your SD card and organize them onto a portable hard drive.

Between videos, you might change your clothes or your makeup so that every video doesn’t look the same. You can also change up your background or move to different parts of your home or studio.

Plan a fun day for a relaxed vlog.

Vlogmas isn’t meant to be twenty-five days of highly produced content. Many creators use it as an opportunity to daily vlog, documentary their day-to-day life on camera. You can plan a fun day and bring your vlog camera along for an easy video.

You can take your camera holiday shopping or around your hometown to see the lights. If you’re traveling, document the journey. You may even stay at home, vlogging as you bake cookies or set up your holiday decorations.

Do simpler videos such as Q-and-As or product reviews.

Use Vlogmas to connect with your viewers on a more personal level. Through simpler videos, you can get back to your channel’s roots. Your viewers will enjoy something that’s a little more low-key.

Post a question sticker on your Instagram story, then create a Q-and-A. Review a popular holiday present many of your viewers are looking forward to receiving. There are plenty of simple, easy video ideas you can use.

Schedule your uploads.

Maybe you already have your videos ready for Vlogmas, but you’re worried you won’t have time to upload them when you planned. You can set your worries aside by scheduling your uploads on YouTube.

To schedule an upload, first upload the video as private. Then, use the “Schedule as public” option. Set the date and time you want it to go live. Your video will stay private until the time that you appointed.

Batch filming your videos and scheduling your uploads makes keeping up with Vlogmas a breeze. Focus on creating fun, festive content to celebrate with your audience.

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