Celebrate Your Next Channel Milestone With One Of These Fun Video Ideas

Whenever you hit your next thousand or million subscribers, it’s worth celebrating. The same goes for hitting a goal with your view count, number of likes, or anything else you’ve accomplished as a creator.

You should commemorate your success with one of these fun video ideas.

Do something cool with your award.

If your channel milestone earned you a play button, then you should think of something fun and interesting to do with in on camera. You might decorate a cake to look like a play button, style a space to display it, or try to make a replica out of slime. You can try something similar with any award you earn.

When Wengie hit ten million subscribers, she decided to melt her diamond play button. Rather than destroy the award itself, she had a mold made so she could create a replica out of gallium.

Make a silly video your fans will love.

No matter how big your audience is, you likely have inside jokes with them. Turn one of these fandom-specific memes into a silly video they’ll love. Even if outside viewers don’t understand the video, your core audience will adore it.

When the Try Guys won a fan-voted award, they rewarded their fans with a video that had been a year in the making. The video, which was based on a long-running joke with their audience, was fun for the creators and viewers alike.

Start a new tradition.

If your channel is growing at a steady pace, then you may find yourself hitting a new milestone every couple months. Keep the celebration going by starting a new tradition with your viewers. Add to the series every time your channel reaches its next goal.

For example, Joanna Ceddia celebrates her channel milestones by baking a cookie for each subscriber. Even now that she’s reached the millions, she keeps the tradition alive.

Simply say thank you.

A celebration of your channel milestone doesn’t have to be loud and over-the-top. Sometimes, a simple, heartfelt thank you will mean more to your audience than any crazy video would have. Let them know how much they mean to you and how proud you are of your channel’s success.

As one of the top creators on the platform, Jacksepticeye has reached a lot of important channel milestones. He celebrated one of his recent milestones with a simple video to say thank you.

Every channel milestone is cause for celebration. Plan a fun video or simply say thanks to your audience. No matter what you do, they’ll be excited to celebrate with you.

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