How This Vlogger Turned Her Hobby Into A Successful Career

Vlogger Louise Pentland is a well-known name across the UK. When she was a newlywed moving into a new home, she started an interior DIY blog. That project grew into a YouTube channel. As her channel has grown, it’s become her career, helping her become a bestselling author and popular podcast host as well.

Here’s how Louise Pentland turned her hobby into a successful career.

She started making videos about topics that were important in her life.

Originally, Louise’s channel, Sprinkle of Glitter, covered crafting and DIY content. She also made beauty and lifestyle videos. During her first pregnancy, she made a lot of baby-related videos, and once her daughter was born, she continued to make videos about motherhood.

As Louise continued making videos, many other young mothers began to subscribe. She quickly built a brand around her motherhood, lifestyle, and beauty content.

She did frequent collaborations with other YouTubers.

As a vlogger, Louise made friends with a lot of other vloggers who lived in London and Brighton, such as Zoe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Daniel Howell, and Phil Lester. She networked at conventions and other YouTube events.

The more her channel grew, the more collaborations she did. In fact, her most popular videos are collabs. The most-viewed video on her channel is this collab with Daniel Howell.

She embraced the many incredible opportunities she was given.

Though she is an online creator, Louise has embraced many opportunities outside of YouTube. She’s published an autobiography as well as a best-selling trilogy. More recently, she launched a podcast.

Louise has also been able to do a few other pretty incredible things. She’s interviewed government leaders and even members of the British royal family. Her meeting with Prince Charles was made into a video for the official royal family channel.

She rebranded her channel when the time was right.

Louise’s audience watched her go through a lot of important life changes. They were with her through the birth of her first child, her divorce, her single motherhood, her journey into a new relationship, and her second pregnancy.

The more Louise grew as a person, the more distant she felt from her “Sprinkle of Glitter” moniker. So, in 2016, she decided to rebrand her channel under her own name. The change enabled her to continue building her personal brand and be more of herself on camera.

Louise Pentland started her channel as an offshoot of her DIY blog. The more she leaned into it, the more her channel grew. Now, she’s built a career on motherhood and lifestyle content.

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