How to Make Fall Themed Videos

Fall is here! Well, at least for those of you who live in the northern hemisphere. (Sorry, Australia!) Fall brings endless pumpkin spice lattes, fuzzy sweaters, and candles galore. Getting into the autumnal spirit is inevitable, and making fall themed videos can also help you grow your channel.

Here are three ways you can incorporate fall into your videos.

1. Make a fall themed haul.

Hauls are addicting. There is something so interesting about seeing products that other people buy. It’s basically window shopping to the max.

To incorporate fall into a haul, showcase fall themed items. This can be anything, but make sure it goes along with the season. If you love fashion, incorporate fall appropriate clothing. Have a love affair with makeup? Incorporate fall inspired make up items.

Below, YouTuber Zoella made an autumn themed candle haul, showcasing her favorite scents for the cozy season.

2. Try a fall themed lookbook.

A lookbook showcasing your favorite fall pieces is perfect is necessary for YouTubers! It’s important to stay ahead of the trends, so you look like the trendsetter! If you want to go even further, make different fall lookbooks for different climates. This way, you can reach a broader audience that can relate to your videos.

People love finding inspiration from YouTubers when a new season rolls around. Your video can help them with just that! Below, YouTuber Amy from VAGABOUND YOUTH was able to inform her viewers of the perfect ways to stay warm but still fashionable.

3. Do It Yourself!

Along with having a new autumn wardrobe, viewers love to decorate their place with cute touches representing the season. For the viewers who are on a budget, teaching them how to make their own decor pieces will definitely give you more subscribers. DIY videos are always a hit!

You can DIY just about anything. From decorating pumpkins to making fall themed bedding. The important thing is to think about what an audience wants in their home. Go on websites like Pinterest or Tumblr to see what décor items people are loving. Then just make your own version of it.

Changing your channel with the season will make it relevant and current. Thinking of fall themed content is a great way to draw inspiration whenever you need new video. Just remember to make it entertaining and unique.

Maria Kristina Lander is Bay Area born and raised. She loves napping with her dog and taking long walks to her favorite ramen place. One day she hopes to be a reporter that will not only give people information, but also perspective.

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