How to Find Inspiration for New Music

In the music industry,  it can be hard to stand out. The best way to become known as a musician is to write your own songs. Finding inspiration for a new song is easier than it seems.  Create unique and original content by writing your own songs that you are passionate about.

The following tips will help you find inspiration for your next single or album.

1. Think about positive and negative experiences.

Some of the best music has been written about personal experiences. Recalling positive and negative times that have meaning to you can be a great advantage for writing your next song. If you have a band, be sure to reflect on every group member’s experience as well. Songwriting and performing is an experience in itself, so why not use your personal adventures to create someone else’s memorable experience?

2.  Extend to other genres.

There are many genres in the music world that you can take advantage of. By combining a pop sound with a reggae feel or a rock guitar with a country flare, you are sure to draw many ears to your music. Different is good! Get out of your comfort zone and explore other types of music to intertwine with your own.

3. Think about what you’re passionate about.

As a musician, you obviously enjoy the art of music but what else you are passionate about? Do you like to travel, play sports, draw? Anything that triggers excitement inside of you can be transformed into a song.

4. Talk to people who are close to you.

Many introductions to soundtracks relate to the artist’s family, why they are working so hard, and what keeps them on track. Close family and friends can be the basis of a great song. Think of nicknames, jokes, traditions or principles that can be the focus of your next song.

Songwriting is not the simplest task in the world. It takes time, concentration and effort.  To stand out in the music industry you must express individuality which can be found in the verses of your next hit. Dig deep and find what makes you, you!

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Ashley Reed grew up in Detroit, Michigan and attends Michigan State University. She enjoys writing creative pieces, creating YouTube videos and entertainment news.

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