How To Grow Your Channel By Vlogging With Friends

From Jake Paul’s infamous Team 10 to David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, many of the biggest YouTube creators are surrounded by friends just as famous as they are. As a group, these friends hang out, travel, and vlog all of their adventures. Their consistent collaborations and appearances on each other’s social media helps all of the channels involved grow exponentially.

Have you ever wished you had a vlog squad of your own? Whether you’re already friends with other YouTubers or not, you can find a group of creators to vlog with easily. By working and having fun together, you’ll be able to merge all of your audiences into one giant, powerful fanbase.

Here’s how to grow your channel by vlogging with friends.

1. Host fan meetups with vloggers who live nearby.

To merge several audiences into one community, host a meetup for both your viewers and your friends’ viewers. If you have vlogger friends who live nearby or somewhere you’re traveling, work with them to plan a meetup in a public venue. Invite your viewers, and encourage them to make new friends.

Luke Cutforth and Evan Edinger are friends and housemates who often create videos together. On Luke’s recent meetup tour around the UK, he invited Evan along on several stops. A few viewers vlogged their experiences to share with their own audiences.

2. Make friends online and travel to see them.

Thanks to social media, anyone can make friends with people from anywhere else in the world. As a vlogger, you can use Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube itself to connect with other vloggers all across the globe. Find channels you like and reach out to the creators. After building a friendship, make travel plans to visit them and bring your camera along.

Ally Hardesty and a few of her friends traveled along the West Coast to meet up with a few of their internet friends. Ally vlogged the experience so she could introduce her new friends to her fans as well.

3. Network as much as you can at industry events.

The next time you attend a convention like VidCon, an event at your local YouTube Space, or any other kind of industry event, go out of your way to make genuine connections with as many other vloggers as possible. Strike up conversations, exchange contact information, and express your interest in being real friends as well as collaboration partners.

Many of the people you meet will also be there to connect with other vloggers, so they’ll be open to making new friends. For more tips on how to network as a vlogger, check out this post.

Listen to British creator Dodie discuss her networking experiences as a vlogger in the video below.

4. Help someone close to you start a channel of his or her own.

Some creators who are friends with a big name vlogger started their channels at the encouragement of their popular friend. It’s not surprising that the significant other, sibling, or close friend of a popular vlogger would want to start a YouTube channel of his or her own. Consequently, both channels grow together.

If you have a friend or family member who’s expressed interest in starting his or her own YouTube channel, offer to help them get started. Feature that person in a few of your videos and encourage your viewers to subscribe.

Over the years, YouTube star Shane Dawson has helped launch the careers of many popular vloggers. Recently, he’s helped his boyfriend Ryland Adams and his boyfriend’s sister Morgan Adams start their channels of successfully. They often appear in each other’s videos, such as Morgan’s video below.

5. Plan trips with your friends and make travel vlogs together.

Travel vlogs are among the most popular content on YouTube. Not only are they fun to watch, but they bring together all kinds of different viewers, especially when creators travel together. Plan a small trip with your fellow creator friends and vlog it. Leave links to each other’s vlogs in your video descriptions so that your viewers can watch them all.

Evan Edinger loves making travel vlogs with his friends. On a recent trip to California, he grabbed a few other social media influencers and took a road trip.

Vlogging with your friends can grow your channel quickly. As your audiences merge into a strong community, you may even consider starting a collaboration channel with your friends.

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