How To Get More Organic Views On YouTube

Organic views come from viewers who find your video out of the blue, whether it be in a search, as a recommended video, or through a friend. These views don’t come from your own social media marketing. Rather, these viewers find your video on their own. Many organic views come from viewers who find your content to be relatable.

Here are a few ways to get more organic views.

1. Let go of the idea that you have to meet some else’s expectations.

With the sharp criticism social media influencers often face, the pressure to be perfect online is immense. However, the image that content creators uphold is also influential on their viewers. When you take a step back and show your audience a less than perfect picture of who you are, they’ll find your content more relatable and therefore more appealing.

You should also let go of the expectations others set for you. If you don’t enjoy creating the videos your subscribers want to see, then don’t be afraid to start making a different kind of videos. When you’re passionate about what you’re making, you will find an audience who’s equally as passionate about watching it.

Because Shane Dawson has been on YouTube for a long time, he found that trying to create the content he thought viewers expected left him feeling unfulfilled. Rather than giving up, Shane decided to start making videos he felt truly passionate about. As a result, Shane’s channel absolutely exploded, reaching fifteen million subscribers.

2. Live stream on a regular basis.

Many content creators have built impressive followings by live streaming. Lots of viewers find live streams appealing because it’s like hanging out with their favorite creators in real time. There’s more of an opportunity to interact with your audience and showcase a different side of your personality.

On top of regular uploads, schedule weekly live streams as well. Choose a platform that reaches people outside of your typical audience, such as YouNow or Periscope. Interact with your viewers to get your stream trending.

KickThePJ is known for his wacky and creative videos. Aside from his weekly uploads, PJ lets his creativity shine through a weekly art live stream he calls “doodlestream.” He draws a new creature based on suggestions from viewers and encourages those watching to draw along at home and share their creations on social media afterward. Even someone who doesn’t watch PJ’s videos may see the hashtag from a friend and decide to join in.

3. Be honest about your insecurities.

By far, the best way to create relatable content is to be honest about your insecurities. Viewers of all ages, genders, and nationalities have insecurities of their own, so sharing yours reminds them that they’re not alone. If they find the video especially helpful, they’ll share it on social media so all their friends can see it too.

Musician and vlogger Dodie recently uploaded a video about how she overcame her insecurities regarding her appearance. Her openness and gentle encouragement resonated with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

4. Discuss hot-button issues.

Whenever there’s something trending in the headlines, people search for others who share their opinions. By contributing your own thoughts on a certain issue, you’ll open the floor for viewers to either agree or disagree in the comments.

After vlogger Tana Mongeau’s failed attempt at creating her own version of VidCon, many other YouTubers made videos on what they thought went wrong. Evan Edinger’s Tanacon video helped bring a lot of new viewers to his channel.

In order to get more organic views, you should be creating content that a wide range of viewers can relate to. Implement these tips into your next video in order to get more organic views.

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