How This Magician Earned 2.5 Million Subscribers

Collins Key is a magician and YouTuber. He boasts more than two and a half million subscribers. At only twenty years old, it’s surprising that Collins has achieved so much.

Here’s how Collins Key earned more than two million subscribers.

1. He showed off his talents onstage.

Collins first rose to fame as a contestant on America’s Got Talent. Videos of his onstage performances are among his most popular content.

Since you can’t bring every single subscriber to a live show, you should bring the live show to them. Perform onstage and share videos of it one your channel.

Check out Collins’s audition for AGT here.

2. He toured with other acts to gain fans across the country.

After America’s Got Talent, Collins toured the United States as the opening act on pop superstar Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour. By performing across the country, he gained a lot of fans who may not have otherwise heard of him.

Joining a tour is a great way to gain exposure for your channel. You don’t have to be the biggest act onstage to appeal to new fans.

Watch a video Collins made with Demi below.

3. He introduced a family member as a frequent collaborator.

Collins’s fans love his brother Devan just as much as they love Collins. When Collins brings in Devan for videos, his fans go crazy. The brothers’ repertoire makes the videos twice as entertaining.

Bringing in a family member will improve your videos because you’ll have someone to interact with. Viewers will be watching and waiting for you to upload a new video with your collaborator.

Check out a recent video that Collins filmed with his brother here.

Magician Collins Key’s YouTube success is no secret. If you perform in new places and involve other characters with your channel, then your subscriber count will grow like magic.

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