How To Get Vloggers To React To Your Videos

Reaction videos have a huge audience on YouTube. Not only are hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in to watch their favorite creators react to videos, but there are also plenty of creators uploading reaction videos.

Because reaction videos are so popular, having reaction videos made for your content is a great form of exposure. Your videos could potentially reach thousands of new viewers who haven’t even heard of your channel before.

However, the challenge comes in getting vloggers to create reaction videos for you. Unless you’re dropping K-pop music videos or Marvel movie trailers, it may be hard to attract a reaction channel’s attention.

Examine the kind of content reaction channels are featuring.

If you type “reaction video” into the YouTube search bar, many of the top results are reactions to music videos. Other results include reactions to compilation videos and overall channels.

However, reaction channels often feature ridiculous, outlandish, or extremely unique videos as well. For example, if a popular vlogger uploaded a video taking a challenge to the extreme, then several reaction videos would be made in response.

Brainstorm several out-of-the-box video ideas.

How can you take your content to the next level? Is there a way your favorite kind of video hasn’t been done before?

For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, could you do a makeup routine in an unusual situation, such as in a crowded tourist destination? What about using something strange as makeup?

Also consider what kinds of vloggers you’d want to react to your videos. If you find a niche of reaction channels you enjoy, think about what kind of video they’d love to react to.

Though she usually films in her house or out shopping, Grav3yardgirl made a video about facing her fear of horses. In response, an equestrian made a reaction video.

Reach out to channels you think may be interest in reacting to your videos.

If you think a certain reaction channel may be interested in one of your videos, tweet them the link. You can also send them a DM on Instagram, comment on their videos, or send them an email.

You can also ask your own audience to tell their favorite reaction channels about your videos. Encourage them to make comments and tweets of their own asking reaction channels to react to your content.

Consider using a service to connect you with reaction channels.

No matter how interesting, unique, or outlandish your video is, there’s no guarantee any reaction videos will be made at all. However, if you have room in your budget for a promotion campaign, then you may consider using a service to connect you with reaction channels.

Ogila is the leading provider of seamless, automatic influencer reviews. Unlike other platforms, you can use Ogila to have reaction videos made as well as sponsored content. So, whether you’re working for a brand or you’re a vlogger who wants reaction videos made, then this service helps you get what you need quickly and affordably.

There’s a network of more than half a million influencers with trusted audiences on Ogila. You can get multiple reviews. Best of all, the Ogila team does all of the organizing and negotiating for you!

Sign up as an advertiser to connect with vloggers who can make reaction videos for you.

In order to get vloggers to react to your videos, you have to think outside-of-the-box. If you want reaction videos made quickly, use a service like Ogila to connect with these creators.

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