5 Ways To Be A More Productive Content Creator

One of the perks of being a content creator is setting your own schedule. You can do as much or as little work as you want whenever and wherever you please. However, with all that freedom often comes a lack of motivation. Without a boss giving you assignments or coworkers to collaborate with, trying to get your work done may seem like an impossible task.

Instead of procrastinating, take the initiative. Becoming self-motivated is the best and most efficient way to create content.

1. Create an upload schedule you can stick to.

Journalists, TV writers, and other professionals who put out a lot of content very quickly work under strict deadlines. Having a due date motivates you to get it done.

It’s your job to set your own deadlines, so create an upload schedule you can stick to. Be realistic. For example, if you only uploaded two videos last month, then planning to upload every day for the next month may be too difficult of a transition.

As you adjust to a stricter upload schedule, challenge yourself to do more. Once you’re comfortable uploading one video a week, for example, aim to upload two videos a week.

2. Put your phone on silent while you work.

Despite all the good things smartphones have done for society, you can’t argue that they’re also a huge distraction from the things that really matter. How many times do you look at your phone instead of finishing a video script or charging your camera batteries?

When you want to work on a video, put your phone on silent. If having it close to you is still too much of a distraction, put it in a different room.

You may have other distractions as well, so you should do everything you can to remove them from your work space. Turn off the TV while you edit. Give your pet a toy to play with in another room while you film. You may even want to have a snack before you start filming so you’re not distracted by your hunger.

3. Set “office hours” for yourself.

One of the best ways to keep distractions at bay is to set “office hours” for yourself. Like any workplace, this will be the time period in which you get your work done. For example, you may film and edit from 9-5 Monday through Friday, taking evenings and weekends off.

Only answer YouTube-related emails, texts, and calls during your office hours. Schedule meetings, collabs, equipment rentals, etc. during this time as well.

Basically, your office hours should be the only time you’re working, but you should also only be doing work during your office hours.

4. Memorize keyboard shortcuts for your editing software.

Video editing can be a long, difficult process, but many editing programs come with shortcuts to make it easier. By pressing keys instead of using the mouse, you can cut your video together more quickly.

Look for tutorials like this one on YouTube.

5. Keep visualizing the end product.

Visualizing your goals motivates you to work towards them. So, as you work on your video, visualize what you want the end product to look like.

What does your thumbnail look like? What’s the title? Who’s watching it? How many views does it get?

Productivity begins with self-motivation. By taking measures to keep yourself on task, you will become a more productive and successful content creator.

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