How To Make Money Through The Amazon Influencer Program

Many viewers turn to their favorite social media influencers for product recommendations, lifestyle tips, and tutorials. Your videos help your audience decide what to buy. However, unless you’re doing a sponsored video, you likely aren’t making any money off the products you recommend.

The Amazon Influencer Program solves that problem for you. With a verified Amazon account, you can create your own page to recommend thousands of products and earn money from the sales you help general.

1. Connect your YouTube account for real-time approval.

First, go here to connect your YouTube account to Amazon. By measuring your number of subscribers and your level of engagement, Amazon can approve your account in real time.

If your YouTube account doesn’t qualify yet, you can also get real-time approval with a Twitter account. If you recommend products more often on Instagram or Facebook, then you can alternatively have those accounts approved in up to five days.

2. Create a storefront to showcase the products you recommend in videos.

Once your account is up and running, you can create your own storefront. On this page, list the products you’ve recommended in past videos. Keep it updated with each new video.

You can recommend thousands of products on your storefront. However, to make it more effective, try to curate a moderately sized collection of products your audience is highly likely to purchase.

3. Share your URL with your audience.

Once your storefront is set up, share the URL with your viewers. Put the link in the descriptions of both new and past videos.

You can also share your URL when you recommend products on other social media platforms, such as Instagram. Be sure to let your followers know they can order your favorite products directly from your Amazon storefront.

If you’re looking for another way to monetize your YouTube videos, try out the Amazon Influencer Program. Start sharing your favorite products with your audience in a way that benefits everyone involved!

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