How To Get Video Ideas From Your Viewers

Viewers love being involved in the process of creating your videos almost as much as they love watching them. When you invite them to help you come up with ideas or contribute to your videos in other ways, your subscribers will watch as soon as you upload to see if their suggestions made it into the video.

More importantly, letting your audience get involved in your ideation process fosters a strong relationship between them and you. By working together, you and your viewers can create something loved by everyone involved. Also, they may be able to inspire video ideas you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

Here’s how to get video ideas from your audience.

1. Use the community tab to ask for suggestions.

YouTube created the community tab to help creators like you connect with their subscribers. Utilize this feature to get your audience’s input on your ideas for future videos. You can run a poll, ask a question, or even share a picture.

For her latest video, Swoop used the community tab to ask her viewers for crazy makeup dares. After the final reveal, she requested that they leave suggestions for future dare videos in the comments.

2. Run a series of Twitter polls.

One of the easiest places to connect with your audience is Twitter. Many of the people who subscribe to your channel likely follow you on Twitter as well, so use Twitter polls to collect data on what videos they want to see next. Ask them to make decisions about what video you should upload next or choose between certain things for a specific video.

For his “I Let My Subscribers Pick My Makeup” video, James Charles ran a series of Twitter polls asking his viewers which makeup products he should use to create a new look.

3. Comb through the comments on recent uploads.

The comments under recent videos can be a goldmine for future video ideas. Viewers may suggest new ideas based on the video they just watched or something they’ve been wanting to see you do for a long time. Choose your favorites and screenshot them so you can credit the viewer who suggested the idea for the next video you film.

After uploading a few videos playing Akinator, a certain creative comment caught Phil Lester’s eye. So, based on a viewer’s suggestion, DanAndPhilGAMES played “Anti-Akinator.”

Taking video suggestions from your audience will both build the community around your channel and help you get more views. Use the community tab, Twitter polls, and past video comments to collect video requests from your viewers.

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