3 Unique Ways To Grow Your Audience By Live Streaming

Live streaming is extremely popular with creators and viewers alike. The creators get to take a break from the stress of creating a new video and just hang out with the people they’re creating for. Viewers who frequent certain streaming platforms can find new YouTubers to watch by checking out their live streams first. You can easily grow your YouTube channel by using live streams to reach a different kind of audience.

Here are three unique ways to grow your audience by live streaming.

1. Focus your live streams on a different topic than your YouTube videos.

Some vloggers who live stream treat the broadcast like a live version of one of their typical videos. While this will appease your typical audience, it won’t help you reach new viewers who might not check out your content otherwise. Instead, focus your live stream on a different topic than your typical content.

For example, KickThePJ is an extremely creative filmmaker whose usual uploads are characterized by his DIY approach to special effects. However, for his weekly live streams, he trades in his cardboard monsters and rocket ships for an iPad and a stylus. Every Wednesday, PJ encourages his viewers to draw along with his “doodlestream.”

2. Try out a new streaming platform.

Though YouTube has its own live streaming feature, there are several other popular platforms out there. Because each one has a unique audience, you can reach all kinds of new viewers by trying different ones. Popular options include YouNow, Instagram Live, and Periscope.

If you jump on a new platform before it gets popular, however, you have an increased chance of becoming one of the top broadcasters. While on their world tour, Dan Howell and Phil Lester have been hanging out with their audience on the new live streaming app Rize. In their latest gaming video, the boys encouraged viewers to join their next stream.

3. Get involved with a popular live streaming trend.

A lot of the most popular live streamers fall into similar categories, such as gaming. Find a popular trend you enjoy watching and try it out for yourself. Check out trending tags on Twitch or YouNow for ideas.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games to stream. Creators like the one below get views by broadcasting their wins and losses.

Live streaming is an increasingly popular way to reach an audience. When you’re broadcasting, be sure to mention your YouTube channel so that new viewers will check it out.

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