How To Create Videos That Appeal To Younger Viewers

YouTube is extremely popular with the under-eighteen demographic. However, for content creators who are already out of school, making videos that appeal to these younger viewers may come as a challenge.

You don’t have to be a teenager yourself to create videos younger viewers want to watch. By catering to their interests, creators of any age can connect with this important demographic.

Here’s how to create videos that appeal to younger viewers.

1. Ensure your videos are advertiser-friendly.

As a general rule of thumb, YouTube considers a videos advertiser-friendly if it’s family-friendly. Moreover, only advertiser-friendly videos appear on Restricted Mode, which is a safety feature applied to the accounts of any viewer under eighteen.

To ensure your videos are advertiser-friendly, avoid strong language, mature themes, and controversial topics. For more information on making advertiser-friendly content, check out this post.

2. Create school-themed videos.

Younger viewers spend most of their time in school. Therefore, videos themed around school are quite popular with this demographic. In the fall, focus on back-to-school videos such as school supplies hauls and giveaways. Throughout the school year, mix in other school-themed videos with your regular content.

Even though Wengie is in her early thirties, she’s able to appeal to millions of younger viewers with her school-themed videos. She shares life hacks and pranks students can use at school.

3. Focus on being relatable.

No matter your age, younger viewers will flock to your channel if they find your content relatable. Whether you share their struggles or enjoy the same things, finding common ground with your audience will build a strong community around your channel. Find out how to create relatable content here.

Creators like Gabbie Hanna appeal to younger viewers by sharing stories they can relate to. She often tells her audience about her experiences with dating, Uber, and drama with friends.

4. Collaborate with younger vloggers.

Many viewers enjoy watching vloggers who are the same age as they are. However, when they find a vlogger they really like, they’re likely to check out that vlogger’s friends’ channels as well. Oftentimes, they find friends of their favorite vloggers through collab videos.

Befriend younger vloggers and collaborate with them. You can act as a mentor to help them navigate a social media career, and they can guide you through the new trends that appeal to viewers their age.

YouTube star Colleen Ballinger frequently collaborates with fifteen-year-old Jojo Siwa. Together, they make videos that appeal to both Colleen’s longtime viewers and Jojo’s younger audience.

By creating videos that appeal to younger viewers, you’ll open your channel up to a huge demographic. Cater to their interests and focus on being relatable.

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