How To Get The Most Views Out Of A YouTube Collaboration

Collaboration is widely accepted as one of the most effective strategies for attracting new subscribers to a YouTube channel. Logically, fans of a certain vlogger of personality are interested in similar content, so they view collaboration as a personal testimonial that another channel makes quality content. However, before you partner with another creator, it’s important to consider the steps below to boost the collaboration’s subscriber building potential.

1. Create a two-part video to post on both channels.

The beauty of creating a video with another YouTuber is the opportunity to grow both channels simultaneously. To ensure fairness, a different video should be posted on each channel involved. If the videos are unrelated, however, there’s a smaller likelihood that a viewer will be compelled to watch both.

Collaborating channels can combat viewer indifference by beginning a story or challenge in one video and finishing it in the second. This requires one channel’s existing subscriber to travel to the other, where they will most likely find videos that match their interest in the first channel.

YouTubers Shane Dawson and Gabbie Hanna demonstrate this technique with their two-part story collab:

2. Offer a gift together.

Working with another creator builds the amount of resources that can be pooled to devote to video quality or a giveaway reward. Amazon gift cards or popular products can be a strong incentive for viewers to make the transition into subscribers—just make sure to stipulate that viewers must subscribe to be eligible for a giveaway.

Depending on personal budget constraints, giveaways are not an affordable strategy for all creators to use often. Collaboration videos will already feel like a special event, and having multiple contributors to fund a giveaway will only make the video feel more festive. Pooling your budgets to offer a gift gives viewers the impression that you are invested in their subscription.

3. Consider working with smaller channels.

When the desire to collaborate strikes, many creators immediately think of teaming up with the largest channels they can. What these creators fail to consider is that smaller channels are often more communicative and willing to partner up. Such channels may also have a more devoted fanbase to share, and can be a perfect place to begin if your channel is not yet at the subscriber count of famous YouTubers.

4. Collaborate, don’t compete.

A natural sense of competition can drive individuals to become YouTubers, as it offers a space to showcase talents and be rewarded. Still, a goal to become the best or most popular channel within a genre should not deter creators from fostering friendships with others in the YouTube community. Remember, collaboration can be competitive, as more creative minds can enhance video quality to reach this goal.

This London vegan YouTuber meet-up demonstrates the potential for all content creators to learn and grow with each other while building their own channels:

Cooperation between YouTubers has created some of the Internet’s most memorable and shareable content. These easy techniques can ensure that as many viewers as possible will be able to see your work and be inspired to stay and subscribe.

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Micaela Shulman is a film student at USC. She loves nothing more than cheap stand-up shows, Carly Rae Jepsen, and vegan comfort food.

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