How To Increase Your Ad Revenue During The Holidays

The holidays truly are the most wonderful time of the year. There are beautiful decorations, delicious food, fun parties, and a spike in ad revenue for all online content creators. Because more advertisers are pushing out ads to target all the holiday shoppers, your opportunities to make money with your videos increase during the last two months of the year.

Here’s how you can increase your ad revenue during the holidays.

1. Participate in Vlogmas or a similar event.

Because advertisers are spending more on advertising during the holiday season, they’re putting their ads on as many videos as possible. You can take advantage of this by uploading more videos than usual during November and December.

Vlogmas has been an important part of the YouTube community for years. Every December, many of the major vloggers upload a new video every day through Christmas. As a result, both their ad revenue and their view counts soar.

If you don’t observe Christmas or if you’re just too busy to upload a new video every day in December, you can create your own holiday-themed vlogging schedule. For November, Grace Helbig decided to upload a new video every weekday. She christened the event “Gracevember.”

2. Review new releases or holiday-themed products.

In the days leading up to Christmas, many consumers turn to the internet for gift ideas. Many viewers depend on YouTube reviews to give them a clear and honest opinion to let them know if a certain product is worth their time or money.

Makeup brands, toy companies, and even technology giants are releasing plenty of new products in time for the holidays. Pick the ones you’re most excited about and make a review video. Make sure that the products you choose to review will interest your viewer demographic as well.

Last year, lots of beauty vloggers reviewed the Kylie Lip Kit holiday collection. Their honest takes on these popular products attracted thousands of viewers to all sorts of different channels.

3. Target your videos towards a younger audience.

It’s no secret that a strong faction of YouTube’s viewership is still in school. During the holidays, many younger viewers have more free time to sit down and watch YouTube videos because they’re on winter break. No school for them means more potential viewers for you. It’s a win-win situation.

In order to target a younger audience, you’ll have to adjust your videos to appeal to them. Most importantly, to make sure that your videos appear on restricted mode, keep them free of any strong language or mature content. Keep it PG. Then, emulate the kind of content that’s most popular with younger viewers. Make it relatable, silly, and stylish. Partake in challenges, create a comedy sketch, or share your morning beauty routine.

Find inspiration in vloggers whose main demographic is school-aged viewers. You can start with Liza Koshy, Bethany Mota, and the Dolan Twins.

4. Create videos loaded with holiday-related keywords.

Keywords help potential viewers find your videos more easily. When you create holiday-themed videos, be sure to incorporate the appropriate seasonal keywords into your video titles, descriptions, and tags.

For example, each video title should include the name of the holiday it’s relevant to. Then, you can also include the current year so that viewers who are looking for new videos will be more likely to find yours appealing. In your video description, write a short synopsis of the video and what you’re doing with your content for the holiday season.

Twin vloggers Niki and Gabi got trending with their Thanksgiving-themed comedy sketch. They made it even more timely by incorporating Taylor Swift’s new music and some of the latest celebrity gossip in their video.

The holidays are a prime time to make extra money on your videos. Upload frequently, target a younger demographic, and create seasonally themed videos in order to boost your views and your ad revenue this holiday season.

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