How To Hack YouTube’s Playlist Feature To Gain Subscribers

Creating and promoting new content is essential to growing a channel, but it isn’t the only way to gain subscribers. Your library of existing content can be organized and optimized into playlists to attract users who prefer to binge their YouTube content, instead of tuning in periodically to check for new content. Playlists are a creator’s best tool when using their body of work to attract and retain viewers.

Learn how to use playlists to get the most out of your video library by following these tips.

1. Emphasize child or family-friendliness.

YouTube creators who produce family content have emerged as some of the most popular and sponsor-friendly channels since the platform’s launch. Smartphone and tablet usage has grown with the website, allowing parents to use mobile entertainment to manage younger children.

Playlists are an ideal way to secure views and subscriptions from this demographic. Length can often be a huge selling point with parents of younger children, as longer playlists guarantee longer engagement. If you create content that would entertain this demographic, emphasize that your playlists are suitable for children.

This video below explains the basics of creating a playlist:

2. Begin the playlist with your shortest or most popular videos.

Quick videos attract binge watchers, while videos with high view counts suggest interesting content. Playlist viewers will not continue a video series if the very first video doesn’t engage them, so think carefully when deciding the order of your playlist.

Additionally, it is important to consider the first video’s thumbnail. If a viewer is perusing a channel’s playlist tab, the only information they will see are playlist names and their accompanying first thumbnail—they won’t see the first video’s title. So, the image and topic will have to correspond to earn the click.

3. Use a keyword tool to name the playlist to improve SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, applies to playlist promotion in the same way as marketing individual videos. If a YouTube user is looking specifically for a playlist, use a keyword tool to optimize the title’s searchability. This popular playlist explains how to become a naming pro:

4. Make different playlists with the same videos to attract a broader audience.

Your video library can be organized into several different subgenres, which in turn will appeal to more users. For example, twin vloggers Brooklyn and Bailey have recycled and reconfigured their extensive video library into 46 unique playlists, ensuring that interested viewers can find videos of the exact genre they desire.


Even if you haven’t created hundreds of videos, categorizing them into playlists can create the illusion of more. Old videos can find new life as components of a well-curated and titled playlist. Understanding the burgeoning family demographic on YouTube can attract an audience you may have never considered addressing, and using the same rules of enticing thumbnails and SEO can bring viewers to all parts of your video library.

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Micaela Shulman is a film student at USC. She loves nothing more than cheap stand-up shows, Carly Rae Jepsen, and vegan comfort food.

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