How to Get More Views With Facebook

Being active on other social media sites will help your channel reach broader audiences. Hardly anyone uses YouTube exclusively, and Facebook is equally as popular.

Here are a few ways to increase YouTube viewership using Facebook.

1. Create a presence.

Start by inviting your subscribers to follow you on Facebook and encourage them to share your their favorite videos. This will lead to more views, subscribers, and shares from those who don’t use YouTube.

This video shows you how to create a Facebook group.

2. Share your YouTube links.

Embed your best videos onto Facebook. Once you gain a following, your new followers will start going on your channel to explore, but you have to give them a reason to first.

Here is a video showing how to embed YouTube videos to Facebook pages.

3. Post snippets to your other sites.

If you’re known for a popular video or phrase, share it. If it was successful on YouTube, chances are it will be successful on other sites as well. If Facebookers find the snippets entertaining, they’ll go to your page to watch the full video.

This tutorial shows you how to edit YouTube videos using the YouTube editor.

Exclusively using YouTube to increase your viewership will hinder your channel from growing. Be sure to take advantage of Facebook and the multitude of potential subscribers.

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