How Nostalgic Videos Can Inspire Content Creators

Youtube has given the world the technology to see clearer into the past than ever before. Nostalgic videos allow viewers to experience another time. This is a gift for the younger generation because they have a great source to learn from. This also presents a way for the older generation to get in touch with newer technology platforms while reminiscing.

Here are a few ways of looking at the past with a new set of eyes.

1. Watch the first televised presidential debate.

For avid followers of the current presidential race, there is an endless amount of information on YouTube about the candidates at the top of each ticket. Decision-makers pay attention to the debates, even if they have their mind made up since March. It is one of the most exciting aspects of two opponents battle for the presidency.

Presidential hopefuls have been squaring off for years, and the 1960 election brought the first televised debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. What speaking strategies have remained since then? How have candidates changed since?

2. Watch live music from rock’s Golden Age.

The Rolling Stones have always been larger than life, but with remastered videos surfacing from their performance at England’s Marquee Club, one views the show with an intimacy that wouldn’t be felt at a large stadium. It’s almost as if the viewer could walk up and meet them after they were done with their set.

Bathed in red light, the Stones played a spirited show. Baby boomers grow nostalgic for the music of their younger years but pass it on to their kids. This cycle of music sharing is made possible by YouTube.

3. Debate which generation had the best TV.

Television was in a place ten years ago where it had to get better as a response to all the viewers moving over to the internet. Now there are more people enthusiastic about great shows on HBO, Netflix, and AMC than ever before. Many of the shows considered for Rolling Stone’s Greatest TV Shows of all time have been released in the past ten years.

That being said, there is still a camp of boomers that thinks their generation had the best TV. All in the Family, Happy Days, and other sitcoms kept viewers laughing for their duration. Now these same viewers can subject their kids to these shows, as each member of the family makes a case for their generation of TV.

Whether it be something trivial like a TV rivalry or learning about the ideals of a previous generation, something is to be gained from all the history hidden inside YouTube. Any filmed moment in history is alive before a viewer. Sit in on a conversation with deceased rock stars; watch presidents of the past address the nation.

What made people laugh? What is there to learn and what can we change? Use nostalgia as a tool to appeal to an older variety of viewers, as well as young viewers interested in all things from the past century.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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