Tips and Tricks for Filming a Music Video on a Budget

You have written a great song or album, and now it’s time to promote them via music videos. For artists just starting out, YouTube is a free and easy way of putting out your own content. Music videos require locations, costumes, makeup etc.

Here are some ways you can save your money and still end up with a quality production.

1. Location and camera angles

Depending on the concept for your video idea, you may need to re-create locations, get clever with camera angles, or do a little bit of both when shooting your video ideas. If you need outdoor locations, try public areas like parks, or long stretches of road. Need to create a club scene in your apartment? Decorating a portion of your apartment with elements of a club and then limiting the camera angle can give enough of the idea to your video rather than needing to rent a location.

This video shows side-by-side locations when they were used in the Superman movie and what they look like outside of the movie. This can give you ideas for use of outdoor locations and camera angles.

This video shot by a YouTube makeup artist shows how camera angle and editing can make locations and actions film really well. The first video is the finished product, and the second video is the making of it.

2. Set decoration

You do not need an extravagant set design in order to create realistic spaces within the world of your music video. With the use of locations and clever camera angles, you are already halfway to creating an affordable set of shots for the video.

If you need to re-create your bedroom to resemble a hotel or add some broken fencing temporarily to a public outdoor location, these can be accomplished by searching DIY videos for your needs. Start simple and work your way up depending on your needs for the shoot. This way, you can avoid spending unnecessary money.

This video gives you tips for setting up a home video studio.

This video gives some great tips for shooting music videos.

3. Makeup

Learning to do some makeup techniques yourself or designating a beauty-loving friend as your makeup artist can be a great way to save money. YouTube has countless makeup tutorials that range from glam to SFX, to face painting and more.

The makeup that you need will depend on the concept for the video, but rest assured that you can learn how to get it done.

Here is a glam makeup tutorial.

Here is an SFX makeup tutorial.

Here is a rock makeup tutorial,

Here is a face painting tutorial.

4. Costumes

Depending on your video concept, some costumes may be necessary. You do not have to spend a fortune on brand new designer clothing. Thrifting for your video costumes can be a great way to save money and to find vintage and unique looks for your video.

Check out some of these great finds from thrift hauls.

5. Editing

So now you have all this great footage that you need to edit together to create your video. Mac and PC users can use iMovie and Windows Movie Maker for free for video editing.

Now of course, if you want more sophisticated editing software you may need to shell out some more money, but why not see how the free stuff works for you?

Here’s a tutorial for beginners with iMovie.

Here’s a tutorial for beginners with Windows Movie Maker.

Wanting to promote your music with music videos is a great idea that does not have to break the bank. Using these tips, you can still make quality music videos while learning valuable tips and techniques. These methods do require a lot of DIY work, but you have the opportunity to save some money and learn something new.

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