How To Get More Views The Hour You Upload

The views your video gets as soon as it’s uploaded will help determine how high it ranks on YouTube’s trending page. Even if you don’t get trending, getting more views in the first hour you upload will likely boost your video in the search results and get it recommended to more potential viewers.

Here are a few ways to get more views the hour you upload.

1. Encourage viewers to turn on post notifications.

Post notifications are the best way to get your subscribers to watch your video as soon as it’s uploaded. If they turn on your post notifications, then YouTube will send a push notification to their phones whenever you upload a new video or make a community post.

Find out how to get viewers to turn on your post notifications in this post and in the video below.

2. Interact with early commenters.

Viewers will be more likely to watch your videos early if you’re there to interact with them as they watch. For the first hour after a video goes live, reply to comments from viewers. You can even choose an early commenter to shout out in your next video.

Creators like Wengie interact with as many early commentators as they can after uploading a new video.

3. Tweet while you’re uploading.

Many of your viewers follow you on other social media platforms as well. They’re likely to have your post notifications turned on for Twitter and Instagram, too. So, as you’re uploading a new video, tweet to let them know how long it will be until the video goes live. After it’s finished uploading, share the link on your Instagram story.

Whenever he’s uploading a new video, vlogger Ricky Dillon lets his followers know how long they have to wait.

Getting more views in the first hour after uploading can only help your new video. Follow these tips to get more views the hour you upload.

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