How To Attract Your Favorite Vlogger’s Audience To Your Channel

Many vloggers got to where they are today by following in the footsteps of the YouTubers they look up to. Even as your channel grows, you can still find inspiration in your favorite vloggers. Better yet, you can use your admiration of a certain vlogger to connect with his or her other dedicated fans as well.

Here are a few ways to attract your favorite vlogger’s audience to your channel.

1. Emulate one of your favorite YouTuber’s most popular videos.

Oftentimes, when a major YouTuber posts an especially interesting video, the idea picks up steam and becomes a trend. Other vloggers adapt the same idea to fit with their own styles of content. The original creator’s audience gobbles up the videos their favorite YouTuber inspired.

Next time your favorite vlogger posts a video you absolutely love, try to use a similar idea in your next video. However, be sure to give that person credit for the original idea.

Cristine from Simply Nailogical watched a video in which Mykie from Glam & Gore followed a makeup tutorial using only the voiceover. To adapt the video for her nail art channel, Cristine followed a Cutepolish tutorial using only the voiceover.

2. Review one of their products.

Many YouTubers are business owners as well. They release books, merch, movies, and makeup. Other creators can draw in the fans who are buying those products by doing a review.

When a vlogger you love launches a new product, try to get a review out as quickly as you can. Be honest with your viewers about the quality of the product and how you plan to use it in your daily life.

For example, Jeffree Star is one of the biggest YouTubers to have his own makeup company. All kinds of different beauty channels like to review his products as soon as they come out.

3. React to one of their newest videos.

Reaction videos are extremely popular on YouTube. They’re fun to make, and you can use practically any video from any channel as your subject. Choose one of your favorite vlogger’s most recent uploads and film a reaction video.

Vlogger and vocal coach Tristan Paredes often makes videos reacting to music made by other YouTubers. His reaction to Gabbie Hanna’s Vidcon performance even led to a collaboration video!

By creating videos inspired by your favorite vloggers, you can attract viewers from their fan bases to your own channel.

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