How To Get More Views By Creating Timely Videos

Depending on the time of year or what’s going on in the world, specific kinds of videos begin to trend. For example, in December, Christmas-themed videos flood viewers’ subscription boxes, getting hundreds of thousands of views. By creating topical content, you can maximize on social media trends and increase your view count easily.

Here’s how to create timely videos.

1. Create holiday-themed videos.

Every year, you can count on the same kinds of videos to trend around certain holidays. During Christmas, viewers search for DIY gifts and present hauls. Around Halloween, they want to see costume ideas and tutorials.

Cater to the needs of your demographic around certain holidays. For example, if the majority of your audience is college-aged, then your Halloween videos may focus on affordable party-appropriate costumes.

On top of providing your viewers with the holiday videos they need, come up with a few original ideas and create your own tradition. For example, every spring, Dan Howell and Phil Lester upload a new Easter baking video so their viewers can laugh as they mess up another recipe.

2. Pay attention to the school calendar.

Younger viewers often turn to YouTube for videos to help them with school. By paying attention to the school calendar in your country, you can reach the under-eighteen demographic with timely videos. Plan specific videos for both the back-to-school season and for winter and summer vacations.

Wengie started uploading back-to-school videos a few weeks before her young viewers actually went back to school. The switch from summer-themed videos helped her audience prepare for the upcoming semester on time.

3. Contribute your opinions on buzzing news stories.

Another way to create timely content is to stay on top of breaking news. When a trending headline interests you, share your thoughts and opinions in a new video. Be sure to give your viewers the facts first and provide them with resources to learn more as well.

Philip DeFranco built his channel on this idea. Every day, he shares his thoughts on breaking stories and important updates from both world and entertainment news.

4. Parody social media trends.

When a new topic starts trending online, turn it into a fun video idea. Comedy, specifically in the form a parody, will help you appeal to a large, general audience. Create spoofs of new music videos, movie trailers, or celebrity news.

After big awards shows, Grace Helbig reviews the celebrity attendees’ questionable fashion choices. Her funny critiques often hit YouTube’s trending page.

Creating timely videos increasing your chances of reaching a wide, general audience. Follow the trends to turn your videos into trending topics.

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