How To Get More Video Engagement With Poll Cards

Online content creators rely heavily on the instant feedback that their platforms allow them to receive. You may decide what video to make next based on comments you get or let a view count steer the direction your channel’s going in. However, there’s one instant feedback feature that you probably aren’t using to your best advantage.

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram recently adopted polls into their posts. Users can ask their followers to cast their votes on any number of questions. YouTube has a similar feature, which is called the poll card.

Here’s how you can use poll cards to get more viewer engagement on your next video.

1. Start simply when you first begin using poll cards.

To place a poll card on your video, go to your Video Manager. Then, on the video that you want to add a poll to, click “edit.” Next, go to the top bar and click on “cards” then “add card.” Find the “poll” option and press “create.”

From there, you can add up to five answer choices for your poll. You can also adjust its start time in the timeline under the video. Be sure to click “create card” so that your poll goes live. Then, your viewers will be able to take the poll by clicking the i that appears in the corner of the video at the time you set.

When you first start using poll cards in your videos, be careful not to go too crazy. Though it may be tempting to put a fun, quirky poll in each and every video, you should consider the value that feedback will have for your channel. Random polls unrelated to the video content, though funny, may be better left for Twitter.

2. Let your audience guide your content creation.

Polls are a super easy way to get feedback about what your viewers think about a certain video idea, format, etc. Whenever you try something new on your channel, create a poll card rather than just asking for viewers to sound off in the comments below.

Because the results of your poll will be easy to understand, you can quickly adjust the way you make your videos in order to please your viewers. Though you remain in creative control of your own channel, listening to your current audience is the best way to keep them watching. For example, if they loved a certain video, make a second one with a poll asking if they’d like for you to turn it into a video series.

3. Get a discussion started in the comments section.

You can encourage your viewers to explain the choices they made in your poll in the comments section, too. For example, if you posted your first Q-and-A video, you may create a poll asking “Do you want more videos like this?”. You could give your viewers answer choices such as “yes, do more,” “no, not really,” and “never again.” A viewer who enjoyed the video but doesn’t want to see too many Q-and-A videos may choose “no, not really,” but then she can explain in the comments that she’d like to see new Q-and-A videos every month instead of every week.

A poll card is a great way to get a discussion started in your comments section. The instant feedback of the poll will provide you with the clear data you need to guide your videomaking choices, but the expanded discussion in the comments will help you formulate a plan that everyone loves.

Not only can poll cards help increase your viewer engagement, but they can also help steer the direction of your videos. Incorporate polls into your YouTube videos to get a better idea of what your viewers want and to keep them talking.

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