How To Create A Timely And Relevant Video

In today’s social media-driven world, going viral is all about perfect timing. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone where you thought of a great reply after the topic had already changed? A timely video is like that reply, only you don’t have any time to hesitate. In order to make a viral video, you have to be ready to strike while the iron is hot.

Here’s how you can create a timely and relevant video with great potential to go viral.

1. Stay updated on the latest trending topics.

A good content creator is totally plugged into social media. You should check out what’s trending on Twitter and Facebook several times a day, scouting for video ideas. You can also use the explore tabs on Instagram and Snapchat.

You should also keep up with both politics and entertainment news. BuzzFeed organizes these kinds of stories into viral-worthy articles. You should also read a few more trustworthy news sources to make sure that you’ve got all your facts straight before making a video.

Once you know what’s trending, you can create a video that plays into the popularity of that topic. You’ll need to work quickly so that your video is still relevant. If you post a video making fun of a viral news story three months after it happens, you likely won’t attract many new viewers.

Saturday Night Live is the epitome of timely and relevant comedy. Each week, the actors create several sketches playing into current headlines. They work quickly to film for their television show, and the videos often get trending on YouTube.

2. Deliver the message in a way that will resonate with your target audience.

When planning your video, consider the kind of people who will be watching. For example, if your audience is mainly 13-17-year-old Americans, then a sketch about British politics may not go over very well. However, if your audience is mainly 18-24-year-old Brits, then that sketch may get way more viewers than your videos usually do.

You should also consider the tone of your video. Timely videos are usually either a thought-provoking reflection or a hilarious reaction of some kind. The tone of your video should match the trending topic it addresses. A tragedy should be treated with more respect than a reality star’s latest scandal.

Though some superfans may take it seriously, the latest updates about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s romance made for a relatively lighthearted story. That made it the perfect inspiration for Miranda Sings’s latest comedy video.

3. Keep the video under ten minutes long.

Short videos have the greatest potential to trend. They’re easy to watch and easy to share. They’re also easy to watch again and again.

When creating a timely video, keep it under ten minutes long. These short clips are easy for viewers to digest. The short video time means that you have less to film, but it also challenges you to keep your video sharp and to-the-point.

Most late night talk show clips, for example, are about three to eight minutes long. Every morning, these short monologues, interviews, and sketches climb up YouTube’s trending page.

Once you’ve got a great idea for a short and timely video, upload it as soon as you can. In order for your video to be relevant, viewers should see it while the topic is still buzzing on social media.

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